Abel Gustafson

Abel Gustafson
2015 Mellichamp Sustainability Fellow


The proposed project for Summer 2015 has three components:

  1. Literature review of the relevant knowledge gap, science communication, and environmental communication literature.  We need to identify what has already been done in these areas, what gaps or weaknesses need to be addressed, and what are appropriate models that specifically address the issue of sustainability.
  2. Synthesis into an integrated model proposing the relationships among key concepts.
  3. Detailed proposal for a follow-up study that will test the key relationships.

The outcomes of this project will provide a valuable framework that will inform and guide both scholarly research and the current practice of communication of sustainability issues.

Cumulative Advantage in Sustainability Communication: Unintended Implications of the Knowledge Deficit Mode

2016 Grad Slam Video, Good Intentions, Bad Effects, Cumulative Advantage in Science Communication

Advisor:  Ron Rice