Renewable Carbon Workshop (Link Update)

Fri, 09/02/2016

Renewable Carbon Workshop Program

Carbon-based fuels continue to be our primary energy source in the 21st century, accounting for more than 80% of our total energy supply. This reality exists even in light of overwhelming evidence linking byproduct CO2 emissions to unprecedented rapid global climate change. Although at times polarizing, the role and impact of carbon on our society continues to be heavily discussed in the media, in politics, and within society at large. Organized through the Mellichamp Academic Initiative in Sustainability, the Renewable Carbon Workshop is a free one-day event on the UCSB campus open to all and featuring scientific and policy presentations and discussions from both experts and students on topics related to carbon, such as recycling and converting CO2 to fuels, the use of biomass as alternative feedstocks to fossil fuels, the cost and impacts of our industrial carbon emissions, and the efficient communication and dissemination of carbon-related scientific information to the broader public. Please join us for an exciting day of discussion and learning. Registration is free.

2016 Renewable Carbon Workshop

2016 Renewable Carbon Workshop Poster