Science Communication Course

Spring Quarter – Writing 259

Make waves....with Science Communication!

Why does the public understand some scientific ideas better than others?

What makes a research proposal irresistible to a funder?

How should scientific professionals respond to misrepresentations of science?

Science communication focuses on enhancing the delivery, understanding, retention, and engagement of scientific information for various target audiences, particularly the general public. This course provides students within the scientific, engineering, technological and mathematical (STEM) disciplines a foundation in science communication practices that explain, persuade, describe, and entertain. Coursework focuses on composition, public speaking, graphics designs and numeric representations for creating effective written works, talks, podcasts, blogs, videos, press releases, policy briefs, posters, and reports about scientific topics. Students will learn how to craft scientific stories that are accurate, realistic and compelling.

Course:  Writing 259 - Science Communication (4 units)
Enrollment Code:  56846
Graded or P/NP option
Time/location:  TR 2:00 - 3:15 / Phelps 1525
Enrollment limit:  25 students
Instructor:  Doug Bradley, UCSB Writing Program

The first Science Communication for STEM Professionals (ChE 594) was held in the Spring 2015.  The course was taught by Doug Bradley, of the UCSB Writing Program.